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Financial Writing

Welcome to financial writing, or “how to get paid with hindsight”. While most websites that post market summary stories aren’t completely automated yet, (and I stress *yet*) here’s my easy guide for writing a market summary in less than five minutes.

Start with a template – something like this:

Markets <rose/fell/traded sideways> and finished <higher/lower/mostly unchanged> <day>, though a <better/worse> showing from the <tech/finance/energy/healthcare/transport/utilities> sector<decreased/compounded> the <gains/damage> as investors <ran for cover/fled to quality/strengthened their positions> as the <Economic Report> showed <increased/decreased> <uncertainty/optimism> about the economy.

After trading <higher/lower/unchanged> today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished <points> points<higher/lower>, or <percentage change>, to <close>. The S&P 500 was <higher/lower/unchanged> at <close> and the Nasdaq settled <higher/lower/unchanged> at <points>, or <percentage change>, at <close>.

<Concern/Optimism> about the <recent economic event> in <day>‘s session following news that <economic statistic grew/fell> for the <1st/2nd/3rd/4th> quarter as <convenient implications from economic report>.

<Random official source> <predicts/expects/indicates> that a <short-term economic event> will <longer-term economic forecast>.

<Talking his position>,” <official source> said. “<longer term meandering to support my trade>

Overseas, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng <rose/fell/unchanged> <percentage change> while Japan’s Nikkei <rallied/slumped/fell> <percentage change>. The FTSE in London <rose/fell/was unchanged> <percentage change>, while the DAX in Frankfurt was <higher/lower/unchanged> by <percentage change>.

Hey, that is a mouthful. But with proper tweaking of the inputs, you can get a reasonable sounding summary like this:

Markets traded sideways and finished mostly unchanged Monday, though a better showing from the tech sector compounded the gains as investors fled to quality as the Empire State Manufacturing Index showed decreased optimism about the economy.

After trading lower today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished 1.14 points lower, or -0.01%, to 10,302.01. The S&P 500 was higher at 1,079.38 and the Nasdaq settled higher at +8.39, or +0.39%, at 2,181.87.

Concern about the ESM Index in Monday‘s session following news that UBS GDP forecast fell for the 3rd quarter as expectations for softer consumer spending showed further economic weakness.

Economist K. McSpenderson predicts that even at current levels of government spending will not cause overall harm to the economic recovery effort.

I think the pessimism is overblown,” Mr. McSpenderson said. “The government has shown ongoing support by passing legislation to help overburdened taxpayers make ends meet.”

Overseas, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng rose +0.2% while Japan’s Nikkei slumped -0.6%. The FTSE in London rose +0.01%, while the DAX in Frankfurt was unchanged.

My, it sounds so professional! The first person to reduce all these variables to a script is going to make MILLIONS.

Good Trading!

Trader Tim


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