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Most people disappoint

In my time on the internet I’ve met a few unsavory characters along the way. The internet is an abstracting medium, most who try to shock, embarrass, or just plain be rude do so with the knowledge that they will never face up to their targets. The cruelty of children may know no bounds, but neither does that of the internet troll.

I take things in stride, mostly, but there are times where I dig in my heels and say “enough, dammit”. I am usually disappointed in the results. I should know better, the same abstraction and fog of anonymity provides a perch for anyone dedicated to their purpose, that is – getting a rise out of someone else. And as much as I would not like to fuel such interactions and escalate, I can’t help but try to smack some reality into a troll or two.

I’m sure there exists in the trading world the same desire to dominate, as you can see when people who are wedded to their positions defend them vigorously against any possible view against it. Braggarts and scam artists infest every virtual nook and cranny, from the penny-stock pump-and-dumpers, to the prop-trading scammers trying to pull in some extra capital to abscond with.

As for the market, it doesn’t care how “shocking” your sense of humor is – you just have to do one thing, and that is to be right. I’ll take that over most people, any day.

Stay tuned for this coming week, should be plenty of fireworks. 🙂